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We are aimed at tackling socio-technical problems all around the world. We have a vision to assist people through our sustainable technical solutions.
Nitish Singh Chauhan, CEO & Founder

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Our obsessiveness with better technology drives us every day to work relentlessly on discovering and identifying world’s major problems surrounding the humankind. We catalog and perform intensive study and through hours of research we craft impeccable products that are tailored to serve people of varying needs.

We strive for excellence and through the team of experts and dedicated people we live to serve the best.

Products, Hand crafted with excellence

1. Ecommerce Niche: The niche Ecommerce and online retail born as a result of our obsessiveness with making the people healthier. We offer premium gym, sports and fitness accessories that are offered to you by hand picking the best products; delivered at your doorstep with return as well as pay on delivery options.

A. Flexava.com - Global: Flexava - It's that easy | Flexava is an eCommerce Niche Store called Flexava (www.flexava.com) for Gym, Yoga, Running, Health and Fitness products in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

B. Flexava.in - India: Flexava IN - It's that easy | Flexava IN an eCommerce Niche Store called Flexava (www.flexava.in) for Gym, Yoga, Running, Health and Fitness products in all across India.

2. Bootcamp Program: An initiative to educate students about the latest technical development. It helps them develop critical thinking skills and problems solving mentality.

3. Workshops: The workshops are aimed at college fresher’s to prepare them for the IT career ahead.

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Welcome to Grayshift Technologies, your number one source for major industrial, ecommerce and IT solutions. We're dedicated to provide you the very best of service, with an emphasis on security, customer trust and premium designs.

Founded in 2019 by Nitish Singh Chauhan, Grayshift Technologies has come a long way from its beginnings in Chennai, When we started out, our passion and obsessiveness on become the worlds largest Tech and IT giant had drove us to start our own business.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Nitish Singh Chauhan, CEO & Founder

People who helped us

1. Google Developers
       a. Developer Student Clubs
       b. Google Developer Groups
       c. Google Cloud Platform
2. Bharath University
3. Chauhan Brothers Mart
4. Geomeo Informatics
5. Dravak Technologies

Grayshift is a socio-technical initiative established to tackle various emerging social, technical and IT problems. We achieve this with the help of our experts working relentlessly to design solution that attacks the problem statement from all fronts.

Grayshift was founded by Nitish Singh Chauhan with a vision to transform and enhance IT and Tech industry. Our headquarters is located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. It started out as simple thought, but we have come a long way since.

Through extensive research, we have come up with a few leading problems that we have taken up to battle. Our list includes a youth education program through boot camps and workshops, also e-commerce backed Health initiative launched to counter increasing health problems around the globe.

We have plans to further expand our reach and cover as much ground as possible by establishing branches throughout India and USA. We are also planning to hire data scientists and analyst to further understands the underlying subtle intricacies of trending problem that will help up to conjure an effective solution.

We are looking for talented freshers with a knack of solving problems and thinking out of the box. We follow elaborate hiring protocol to test all aspects of candidate’s personality and skills. For further information please leave us query at careers@grayshifttechnologies.com

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Meet Our Team

Remember, teamwork begins by building trust. And the only way to do that is to overcome our need for invulnerability.


Nitish Sin. Chauhan

ceo & founder


Anamika Yadav

coo & cfo


Bikki Sha


Our Services

Experience the best of the service. We create our solution by tackling leading world issues; here are few of our qualities.

Premium Template

We offer state of the art premium themes and templates, specially designed to target the audience and market you are interested in.

Well Connected

With our 24 x 7 cloud connectivity & cross-platform compatibility, always stay connected no matter where you are.

Easy to Use

We aim to make our tech simple enough to be understood by a 10-year-old or even a 60-year-old, equally. So Let's Shift.

Fully Customizable

Our team first does an extensive study on your requirements and usage metrics to come up with a design that is best suited for you.

Responsive Design

Be it your desktop computer or your smartphone; experience our responsive service on all major platforms.

24/7 Support

Our dedicated tech support team are on duty 24/7 sitting at your disposal. We thrive to be there and guide you step by step in case of any queries that you might have.

Robust Solution

Our tech is tested under extreme environments to ensure its integrity in the toughest of situations, thus ensuring its quality.

Seamless Design

Here at Grayshift, we endeavor to stay at the top of the industry, studying and researching modern trends, keeping you in sync.

Cloud Services

We believe in the power of connectivity, hence almost all our products have a robust and coherent cloud solution as a backend.

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Always be connected

Grayshift aims to deliver contents at lightning fast speed no matter where you are. With cross platform support and cloud connectivity, it’s all a reality now.

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Hand crafted for your needs

The tech has been made to target majority of the audience, and developed in a way to maximize user interactivity. The magic begins when we.

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Disconnect from chaos

We understand the value of your time, thus paying attention to every little detail and spends weeks planning and blueprinting so you don’t have to.


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